Erin Calvo-Bacci
for State Senate

Common Sense for the Commonwealth

Erin Calvo-Bacci

Serving The Community

Erin has connections to all the communities in the 5th district and has spent her adult life, advocating tirelessly for the business community to make it successful. She is an elected Town Meeting Member in Reading and has served on the Historical Commission Working group making Reading the first community in the commonwealth to have an appeals process added. Erin was appointed to the Zoning Advisory Commission to work on updating the town bylaws. She is a board member with the Retail Association of MA and serves on their Legislative Committee. She is a member of the National Retail Federation and serves on the Small Business Steering Committee. Erin and her family are members of First Parish Congregational Church in Wakefield.

Professionalism in Politics

Erin's Rules for Politicians:

1. Listen to the people

2. Respect your colleagues

3. Do your job

It's election season and if we had a dollar for every time a candidate has told us "I will fight for you" we could fund tuition for every college student in the Baystate. I don't want my elected representatves to fight for me, I don't want them to fight anybody. I want them to sit down across the table from their colleagues and figure out what is best for everyone. I want them to be professional, respectful of each other and most of all I want them to do their job. My elected officials do not serve me, they serve our community..but far too often they serve themselves. 

I am running to restore professionalism to politics. That is why I have three simple rules for politicians: Listen to the people that elected you as well as the ones who did not: public service knows no party. Second, your colleagues represent the people, when you disrespect them for political gain, you malign the men and women of their District. Lastly, politicians must remember what our job is: to effectively and professionally serve the public by working together as a single body of government. To quote a Massachusetts patriot I truly love: "Do your job."

I believe in service, civility and civic duty. 

Advocate for Change

 “We need people like Erin to make sure the industry’s message is heard and understood – she knows first-hand that what happens in Washington impacts her ability to do business, Erin is an effective retail spokeswoman who works hard on grassroots efforts and engages in a wide range of public policy discussions. She is an industry leader who truly makes a difference.”  NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay,