The Issues

When Taxes Rise, the Cost of Living Rises

Tax dollars fund our public services: from schools to subways, from city hall to city park. And people like our environment, are not a resource to be strip-mined. The cost of living in Massachusetts is the hidden tax everyone of us pays. Your healthcare, education and your housing are some of the most expensive in the country. It’s not fair, every new tax is a tax on the middle and working class. When taxes rise the cost of living rises because everything else goes up: landlords raise their rent, Doctors raise their fees and grocery stores raise their prices. Rising costs because of increased taxes are passed on to you.

The right way to raise taxes is to grow the economy. Making a business friendly climate brings in more employers and more jobs with them. As the demand for workers grows, so to do their salaries. As more money is spent in our local economy, tax revenues increase. The people must make enough money to support the local business that employ them, thus creating a healthy tax revenue needed to fund our schools, public safety and social services. 

I am Pro Rights for ALL

I believe in our Constitution. I will never challenge our rights  especially a woman's right to choose because I believe it's personal and will defend it as a sovereign right. This conviction for me runs deep, it extends to many issues beyond women's healthcare rights. I will never limit your choices in business, education, health care, whom you marry, and how you keep yourself safe. I would work with those who feel otherwise to increase adoption, support and healthcare giving women more options when faced with difficult and personel choices, not less.

I will never vote to limit a woman's rights, ever. People have been doing that to us for long enough.

On Question 3 I support the Law. I don't have an issue with the use of bathrooms by respective members of the LGBTQ community. As a mother my concern is the predator who has no respect for the law that we must insure doesn't take advantage of granting these rights to LGBTQ members of our community.  I believe and encourage worthy discussions to make sure current laws provide sufficient protections for all. 

Community and Business

Communities supported by business. Business supported by communities.

The rules that govern economics do not change based on what party controls an elected office. A healthy economy is a diverse economy and the same applies to our communities. The aspects we discuss in politics: affordable housing, healthcare costs, taxes and minimum wage do not exist in a vacuum, the way they are debated on Beacon Hill. Much like the species of the food web, all of these aspects are interconnected; effecting each other greatly. Without affordable housing for lower and middle income citizens our businesses will struggle to keep employees. Without diversity of businesses, our communities will lack goods, services and jobs. Without business transactions we lose the tax revenue that funds our schools, parks and first responders. When tax policy is raised on struggling citizens and businesses, doors and windows get shuttered.

More often than not, when any of these fundamentals become unbalanced, our lawmakers take actions which further exacerbate the problems. Like a doctor treating the symptoms and not the disease, our lawmakers attempt to address low wages, taxation, immigration and health care as if there is no link between them.

As a local business woman, I live and do business in the community I seek to represent. Merely chasing the Republican answers or the Democratic answers will not provide the balance in policy needed to sustain prosperous and vibrant communities.

I am Erin Calvo-Bacci and I am running for State Senate.